DOG 2018 – Ophthalmology 4.0

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to DOG 2018, our 116th congress and the first in DOG history to be held in Bonn, at the World Conference Center on September 27th through 30th, 2018.

The key topic of DOG 2018 is “Ophthalmology 4.0”.

We are living in fascinating and exciting times. Digitalization and smart data continue to revolutionize many aspects of life, including medicine. We are witnessing a massive transformation from analogue to digital, which is offering a world of new possibilities to our field. Electronic health records are entering our hospitals and practices. Modern diagnostic procedures such as OCT offer imaging results that can instantly be available to multiple users through a secure data network. This development provides the opportunity for stronger and more extensive digital networking among ophthalmologists from different health sectors. With advanced information and communication technologies, eHealth can optimize and increase the efficiency of cooperations between practices, hospitals, pharmacies, care facilities and health insurance funds.
Patients themselves have started to use health apps and are thus able to provide smart health data that can be captured in analyzable archives, creating increasingly large databases beneficial to patients and researchers alike. Expert systems such as IBM’s “Dr.” Watson use these databases to support doctors in mining large volumes of data or finding diagnoses.

Big Data capabilities of capturing, storing, transmitting, connecting and processing medical data represent significant potential benefits not only for patient care but also for research, particularly health care research.

We should use these opportunities in innovative ways and become a spearhead of this digital development. To this end, DOG 2018 will place special focus on digitalization in ophthalmology. In addition to symposia, scientific presentations, poster sessions and courses, we will introduce a new communicative format: “Digital Sunday”. Digitalization and connected data will also be a focus at the accompanying industrial exhibition.

I am especially delighted that our innovative congress, the DOG 2018, will be held in my former hometown Bonn. Not only does Bonn have a long and proud tradition in ophthalmology, our WCC conference venue is located in the political heart of Germany’s former capital, integrating the former parliament building into a brand new conference center.

I’ll see you in Bonn!

Yours sincerely,

Nicole Eter