Learn from the best – international research dialogue

What are the preferred perioperative and intraoperative approaches to cataract and refractive surgical of globally leading specialists? Which treatment options for corneal dystrophy do top U.S. and German experts use? Are there promising new developments in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration? To discuss these and other questions, DOG 2017 will bring together German and international researchers and specialists in international symposia on clinical best practices.

IIIC, ESCRS, and DGII will talk about “IOL worldwide” and “Hot topics in cataract & refractive surgery”, while EURETINA and the German Retinological Society will host a symposium on “Age-related macular degeneration”, and the Cornea Society jointly with DOG-Kornea will discuss “Innovative conservative and microsurgical approaches to treating various types of corneal dystrophies (CD)”. Other symposia with overseas speakers will cover the topics “Current trends in amblyopia treatment” and “Novel approaches for treatment of corneal endothelial diseases: an international perspective”.

The symposium “Germany goes Europe: European Research consortia with German participation”, hosted by DOG Task Force Research, will present results and objectives of ongoing large-scale EU research projects while the session “The clinical side of experimental gene therapy trials for inherited retinal and optic nerve diseases” will evaluate ten years’ experience with gene therapies and outline future perspectives.

Program Overview