Access rules for DOG 2017
Access to the congress premises is reserved solely for specialized participants; access to the event is not permitted to all other persons and domestic animals, with the exception of guide dogs accompanying visually impaired individuals. Please use the DOG childcare service for children. For legal reasons, children above the age of one year are not permitted to enter the congress premises. Infants under one year of age may be brought onto the congress premises only if they are continually accompanied by their parent(s) or by person(s) with parental authority. Opportunities for breastfeeding can be found in the lobby. If it should be necessary to bring infants under one year of age into the congress premises, this may occur only under continual monitoring by an adult and only in compliance with the restricted access rights. Persons who are not specialized in the field of ophthalmology may participate in events at the congress in exceptional cases by express invitation from the DOG.